Fly Control

  • Flies are a nuisance and carry disease that are health risks.
  • Upon inspection by the Board of Health, the finding of flies on the premises could be a reason for a citation.
  • Several flies invade commercial buildings (restaurants, hospitals, food handling plants, etc.) and homes.
  • Small flies and gnats usually breed indoors. Arab can provide sanitation inspection to determine the source.
  • Arab has the experience and expertise to design a preventative and corrective program for flies.
  • Arab sells a variety of flying insect light traps that are both functional and attractive. Arab also offers fly bait, quick kill aerosols and microbial cleaners to solve and prevent infestation.
  • Arab provides free inspection, consultation and an estimate with no obligation. Phones: (317) 545-1275, or 1(800) 233-2722.