Household Pests & Their Threats
  • Buying a new home may be the biggest investment you ever will make.
  • Protecting your home from unwated pests is the first step in protecting your investment.
  • Termites cause over $2 billion in damages each year in the U.S.
  • Your home insurance policy does not cover damage caused by pests.
  • The presence of pests in your home can be the cause for health problems, especially for infants and children. Asthma has been linked to insect infestations.
  • Rodents in your home can transmit hantavirus and lyme disease, which are deadly diseases.
  • Mosquito presence around your home can spread the deadly West Nile virus.
  • A preventative or routine maintenance pest control program by professionals can protect your investment and can provide you with peace of mind.
  • Prevention of Disease Treatment: Rodents spread many diseases including: plague, hantavirus, relapsing fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Lyme Disease, rat bite fever, Rickettsial diseases (eg: Murine typhus), granulocytic Ehrlichosis, and others.

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