Termite Control

Your Real Enemy
A heavy infestation could mean up to 250,000 of these white worker termites working 24 hours a day searching for and eating wood.

Termite Highways
Subterranean termites usually nest in the ground and build tunnels like these into your home. They need earth moisture every 24 hours and the wood in your home. Arab Chemical Treatment stops this cycle.

The Reproducers
The kings and queens are the swarmers. They don't do the actual damage, their children do. A queen may live for thirty years, producing dozens, possibly hundreds of eggs each day.

  • Termites are the silent invaders, which damage your property without your knowing it. By the time you discover termites it is already too late. The costly structural damage has already been done.
  • The annual cost of termite damage to buildings in the United States is greater than that of fires, storms and floods combined.
  • Arab recommends that every home and building should be pre-treated (at the time of construction) for termite control. Such treatment is the most efficient and effective and the cost is minimal compared to your investment in the property.
  • Most of the building contractors do not provide pre-treatment termite control for new construction unless required by the architect.
  • The primary termite swarming season starts early in the spring, with secondary swarming season in the early fall. The presence of swarmers on your property indicates active termite colonies.
  • Do not confuse termites with ants. You need to call a professional for identification soon to stop the continuation of damage by termites.
  • There is no such thing as U-do-it termite control because all of the U-do-it yourself products have a warning on their label with the phrase "Do not use if you have active termites." It is very probable that you will end up having to call a licensed professional because you do not have proper tools, equipment or training.
  • Once your property is treated for termites, Arab offers a lifetime service guarantee, which is transferable to the new owner.
  • Arab provides a free inspection and consultation service. If needed, Arab provides free estimates for termite treatment with no obligation.
    Phones: (317) 545-1275, or 1(800) 233-2722.

    Termite Control Service Plans

    1. Sentricon termite colony elimination system - baiting.
    2. Conventional liquid treatment.
    3. Limited spot treatment for commercial buildings.
    4. Arab has maintained a high rating with the Better Business Bureau, and is a recipient of Consumers' Choice Award For Business Excellence.


    There are several things you can do as a home owner to help prevent or avoid termite infestations including:

    • Stack all firewood, lumber or other wooden items, several feet away from your building.
    • Keep all wood supports of porches, patios, decks, or separate buildings more than one foot from contact with your home's foundation; and use only pressure-treated wood for all construction which contacts the ground. Even treated wood has a limited protection period.
    • Move all wood containing mulch (even cedar or redwood) and decorative wood chips at least one foot away from your foundation. Sand and stones can be just as attractive and they discourage pest (including termite) harborage next to your building.
    • Repair any leaking water lines or fixtures, especially any that wet any wooden part(s) of your house. Repair any eaves, down spouts, gables, or shingles which allow wooden parts of your house to get wet even occasionally.
    • Monitor moisture levels and take steps to reduce moisture build-up in any crawl spaces.
    • Relocate any frequently watered garden or flower bed as far away from your home's perimeter as you can.
    • Change your outdoor lights from "white" bulbs to some yellow or pale amber, especially during the Spring, to reduce attraction of any night swarming termites near your house.